Saturday, July 18, 2009

ACI on the Presiding Bishop's Letter to Anglican Leaders

This is a categorical repudiation of the communion-wide moratorium on the election to the episcopate of anyone living in a same sex partnership. Bishops and dioceses are neither asked nor expected to observe such a moratorium. They are encouraged instead to observe “standards” recognizing same-sex partnerships as reflecting “holy love.” As conceded by today’s letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, some bishops and dioceses will respect the moratorium; others will not. And those that do respect the Communion teaching will do so only because they reject the “guidance” provided by General Convention “standards.”

This explicit recognition that some bishops and dioceses will conform to Communion teaching while others will not requires that the Communion now look to individual dioceses and parishes for communion commitments. The General Convention has decided it cannot speak with one voice in committing to the Communion’s moratoria. The Communion has no choice but to acknowledge those who are ready, willing and able to make these commitments.

Read it carefully and read it all.


Blogger Viator said...

ACI has done a brilliant job here of pointing out exactly how TEC has responded in BO25 to the Communion’s requested moritorium on electing/consecrating gay bishops in same sex relationships by using Bp. Schori’s and Ms.Anderson’s own deceptive letter to the ABC. This is an article intended for Lambeth Palace and Primates’ offices around the world. Thank you ACI for exposing the truth that even intentional deception cannot hide.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Dale Matson said...

"Bp. Schori’s and Ms.Anderson’s own deceptive letter to the ABC."
N.T. Wright also did a good job of stating the results of the votes as resulting in a schism. The problem is that the ABC operates on a prime directive. "Keep everyone at the table". Thus, he will interpret the letter from Anderson and KJS in a way that will allow a new line in the sand.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the first ACI statement I've seen that I have hopes may be read and understood and have an effect. It is succinct, unusually for ACI. It makes explicit what other critiques of the PB letters to +++Rowan and to Primates have not, that GenCon '09 simply isn't representative of the whole American Episcopal church.
I think it well addresses this line from the PB letter to +++Rowan: "It remains to be seen how Resolution B033 will be understood and interpreted in light of Resolution D025." That sentence is a blatant untruth; it does not remain to be seen, in fact there is clear evidence all around both in practises of some dioceses and in the statements their bishops are making now - Western Michigan springs to mind as one example.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Bill Carroll said...

Thus the ACI continues to foment schism, which seems to be its chief function.

11:16 PM  

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