Thursday, February 15, 2007

Peter Ould: It ain't over till it's over

Peter Ould thinks the fat lady has not yet sung:

Have a careful read again of David Anderson’s press release just an hour ago. Look again at these two sentences:

“The primates are expected to make a decision on TEC’s status in the Communion, and on the requests by U.S. orthodox for alternative primatial oversight, before their meeting ends Monday, Feb. 19″ … “Now is the time to act; we have waited too long to address the problems in the U.S. province – as the Communion Sub-Group’s report itself admits – and if the primates do not respond decisively now, it will deal a severe – perhaps fatal – blow to Anglicanism in North America and world-wide.”

I think this is key and shouldn’t be overlooked. We know that David Anderson is close to Akinola. We know that he’s not going to put out something like this without at least checking it out with others first. I’m putting two and two together and guessing that something big is afoot. If that’s the case then we need to start praying and praying hard for Akinola. Everything is still to play for and it’s what the Primates decide, not the sub-group, that matters.

Given Peter's exhortation to be praying much for Abp. Akinola and other leaders, have a look at some of Lent & Beyond's posts today. Especially this one and this as well.


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