Thursday, February 15, 2007

Commentary from Fr. Binks and a great roundup of news links

Our wonderful friend, the "high lord webelf" himself, Fr. Binks is on great form tonight. Here's an excerpt from his latest commentary, which is followed by one of his trademark link-o-rama's. All the news that's fit to print... and more!

For What It May Be Worth

From the snow-pasted wastes of Canada, it’s hard to know what to make of the news coming out of Tanzania thusfar, but since fools jump in and all that, we’ll take a stab (with some notes from Someone Who Knows™). So much for that news-defying Ring of Steel though, huh?

In the evolving polity of Anglicanism 1998-2007, the Lambeth Conferences and Primates are taking on the ultimate authority. After all, the 2005 Windsor Report recognised Lambeth ‘98 [1:10] as “gospel” and the sub-group report in Tanzania today acknowledges that Primates are the ones who decide exactly what the Communion demands of a Province (in that they added to the Windsor Report’s requirements of TEC at Dromantine, right?). Have we lost you yet?

The alternative is further division and disintegration, and ever more shaming and ecumenical embarassment as Anglican liberals do what seems right in their own eyes, and do unpleasant things to those representing classical Anglican Christianity who are under their thumb.

Onwards and upwards– therefore, the real decisions and answers our of Tanzania will be found NOT in some sub-group report, NEITHER in the meanderings of a compromised Kearon, NOR in what someone speculates about in a press conference before the meeting closes. Rather - the college of Primates are the ones who must decide. It isn’t perfect, but it’s what we’ve got.

After all, in many ways and at many times the Global South have already said that TheEpiscopalChurch et al. have broken every bond and boundary, and that won’t suddenly have changed tonight.

So: it very much appears that the cards are all still on the table - and in the end, the only real table that counts is the one that the Holy Eucharist will be celebrated on. Until that point we don’t know the outcome: as usual it is the cross where all the action will take place.

Here's the link for the full commentary and the link roundup.


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