Thursday, February 15, 2007

Scott Gunn–Evening press briefing: actual news, sort of

February 15th, 2007 posted by kendall at 7:17 pm

The day was described as a day of “intense listening” characterized by “graciousness and patience.” So they were civil, I guess. At least I can confirm that no gunshots were heard emanating from the primates’ compound.

The four American bishops (+Katharine plus the theological buffet of three invited bishops) made presentations today, but no details were provided. The three guests are reported to be on their way home. I believe that includes +Bob Duncan, though I’ll check that one at the dinner table in a few minutes.

Tomorrow afternoon there will be a discussion of the Covenant proposal. We shall see what that brings. We should know something tomorrow night.

When asked if a proposal had been discussed for a second (parallel) province in the US, Archbishop Aspinall simply said that the four American presenting bishops today had given a number of potential solutions to the issue at hand. He would not elaborate, but I take that as a “yes.”

One more tidbit. It was noted that “unwanted interventions” “sometimes cause difficulty,” but apparently no substantial discussion was held about those encroachments in the US.

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