Monday, February 19, 2007

No news yet

We elves are monitoring something like 12 websites and blogs. Including ACNS, Living Church, Anglican Mainstream...

Can't get into Stand Firm at the moment.

No news yet as of 16:05 GMT / 11:05 Eastern


Anonymous Chris said...

You guys (and gals!) ain't the only ones! I think a lot of us are site hopping to see who gets the first word out.. and more importantly a PDF or Word doc of the actual documentation!!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous badman said...

There is some news. A bishop who has read the Anglican Covenant has posted:

"Having just read the Covenant Design Group's report (and with all the usual provisos about devils in details) I must admit to being pretty upbeat about it.

Everything in it Anglicans (liberal or traditional) should find consonant with their faith and belonging. It sets out the positives in our tradition very clearly. The balance between upholding the autonomy of provincial structures whilst making it clear that none of us can belong to a club entirely on our own terms is nicely held."

11:16 AM  

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