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(from yesterday) Kendall's exhortation to calm -- PLUS COMMENTS

This was included in the batch of posts from yesterday evening posted here, but we wanted to highlight it as a separate entry and copy over all the comments. --elves

Kendall Harmon: An Appeal for Calm

Jim Naughton, a shrewd observer of the contemporary Anglican scene, says that reasserter expectations were “apocalyptic” going in to this Primates meeting. An exaggeration, to be sure, but for some, not by much. I tried to move people away from these unrealistic ideas before this meeting started, an attempt which seemed to bear little fruit.

But now we have apparently an equal and opposite reaction to a near nadir of darkness and despair in some quarters among reasserters. There has also been too much rejoicing and what is frankly schadenfreude by some reappraisers, and that surely has not helped matters.

I have mentioned a number of times that some reasserters have become addicted to despair. In the medieval church, they identified something called the sin of despair which was a quite serious matter in which people stepped so close to the edge of darkness and looked so far in that they lost any sense of God being in charge of the world.

Can I remind people that hope is one of the theological virtues? That hope in the New Testament means confidence grounded in the character of God?

Can I also remind people that the report given early at this Primates meeting was simply a report, one that has already run into heavy sledding as it is being evaluated. This subcommittee report, which on the record was not even seen by one of the members of the “Gang of Four” whose names are attached to it before it was released, is but one part of the data gathering process in Dar Es Salaam. This process further included statements from three bishops other than Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, and that it is up to the Primates to decide what to do with this all information and how to proceed. The Windsor Report was taken by the Primates at Dromantine and in some ways modified, a point made by Gregory Cameron early at this Primates Meeting. What this Primates meeting decides to do is still as yet unclear.

But what is clear is that it is VERY LATE, and there is still no resolution of this crisis and this controversy. That was not the intention of those who originally planned this Primates meeting, but that it is the case means there is still significant disagreement and toing and froing behind the scenes. Let us wait and see what develops and let us pray—really pray—for a genuinely evangelical and catholic outcome that moves the Anglican Communion forward for the gospel at the beginning of the twenty first century—KSH.

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  1. Tony Says:

    A good read of the situation, imo.

  2. Petesie Says:

    Thanks, Kendall. Your efforts are appreciated.

  3. plainoldlaydude Says:


    Please stop categorizing people into two groups. That isn’t the truth of the situation. There are varying degrees of thoughts, emphasis, and belief and interpretation. All are seeking to depeen thier relationship the God through Jesus Christ. That makes them Christians- all part of one body we. That is a catholic and evangelical world view based in truth. Your definitions are not Christian, while I certainly know that you are Christian.

  4. Jeffersonian Says:

    Well said, Kendall, yet the prudent passenger on an airliner acquaints himself with the location of emergency exits, does he not?

  5. Truth Unites ... and Divides Says:

    “But what is clear is that it is VERY LATE, and there is still no resolution of this crisis and this controversy.”

    You had a feeling that was going to happen, didn’t you KSH? I’d have been surprised if it didn’t go VERY LATE.

    I pray that God will be glorified amidst all this.

  6. Br_er Rabbit Says:

    A Metaphor for the Anglican Communion:

    Fat Tuesday is running out its alloted time.
    It will soon be time for Ash Wednesday.

  7. CharlesN Says:

    Kendall: Thanks for that. My grandfather used to warn against “borrowing trouble”, and then he would quote Matt. 6:33-34, “33But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. 34Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”. We have no control over what is happening in Tanzania. In the words of Matt. 6:27, “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?” Step back, take a deep breath, and put it where it belongs, in the hands of God.

  8. In_Vermont Says:

    Thank you Father Kendall.

    Its clear from the info that is available that the specific outcome of this primates’ meeting is not clear to those of outside of the primatial discussions/debates.

    I have prayed and now I wait.

    As I said earlier when I quoted an eminent American philosopher,
    “it ain’t over until its over.”

  9. Sarah Says:

    RE: “This subcommittee report, which on the record was not even seen by one of the members of the “Gang of Four” whose names are attached to it before it was released, is but one part of the data gathering process in Dar Es Salaam.”


    Who did not see the subcommittee report before it was released???? I find that inconceivable! Why has this person whoever it is not spoken up???

  10. Father R Says:

    Yes indeed it is VERY LATE. And I have to agree with Jeffersonian that a prudent passenger on an airliner acquaints himself with the location of the emergency exit. At this late stage it may very well be time for the reasserters to look ahead at just what their options are. While I certainly advocate being cautious until after the Primates issue the communique, looking ahead at ones options, just in case is in my estimation merely being prudent. And certainly prudence is a virtue also.

  11. Daniel Lozier Says:

    Kneeling with you in prayer.

  12. William Says:

    When the Apostles preached the Gospel, they were opposed chiefly from within the church of their time. It seems that has not changed even today. What must Peter think of your PB, who refuses to state what he so boldly proclaimed long ago.

    Canon Harmon, men will make the choices they make. Those who are in the Spirit and the Word will see those choices for what they are, others will see other things. I am not despairing at all, but sad like Jesus was when He preached about the parable of the seed and the soil, sad that so frequently the Word is taken away by thorns or fails to thrive within hearts of stone.

    Catholic. Hmm. Peter told us that we must obey God rather than any human authority. The price of being Catholic these days is too dear I am afraid.

    May God bless and keep each of you always.

  13. Sarah Says:

    PS: I love this appeal. I am sorry that I am not appearing calm. I am deeply troubled that someone did not see the report who was actually on the committee charged with the report.

    However . . . I appreciate the appeal for calm [although I am unable to not notice the statement about someone not seeing the report].

  14. driver8 Says:

    #9 I had just the same reaction. The article states it is’on the record’ that one of the members of the sub-committee did not see the report. If so, I missed this and am astonished it was not more widely reported.

  15. rats Says:

    Jeffersonian, I guess that passenger would be even more prudent, if he intends to use those exits, to have brought along a parachute. I’m questioning the wisdom of having bought a ticket in the first place. Not scared or despairing, just tired of flying this way.

  16. kendall Says:

    #14 the first report of this fact may be here. When I say on the record it means I worked hard to verify this was the case with sources and data available and am confident this is correct.

  17. capn jack sparrow Says:

    I for one find that when I have given up hope, God sometimes gives it back to me, but sometimes not. When Jesus prayed “let this cup pass from me…”, it did not. When Abraham bound Isaac to kill him, God stopped his hand. In both cases, the result of their obedience was redemptive and we are given the same assurance.

    For the Christian, there is no ultimate tragedy, even though we grieve. However, “not as others, who have not hope” as Thessalonians reminds us.

    Humanly speaking, when your back is against the wall, and you count yourself as a dead man already, it is amazing what strength can come over you. It’s not the strength that seeks to survive, but the strength that has nothing left to loose. As believers, we have already died with Christ. What can man do to us?

    As I read the comments of the bloggers on this and other sites, and the comments of the leaders of our cause domesticly as well as in Africa, I hear not fear, but resolve. Resolve that the “all in” moment has probably arrived, where the risk of inaction is as great or greater than the risk of moving forward.

    May God’s will be done–and it will be!

  18. John A. Says:

    plainoldlaydude #3, by your definition Muslims are Christian too. What do you mean by “deepen”?

  19. Brian Says:

    I’m with Sarah (something that seems to be happening far too frequently for my tastes in recent days;)), what is your support for the fact that the signers did not see the report?

    In addition, I would remind Kendall+ that one of the earliest ‘doomsayers’ was none other than Kendall+. From Ruth Gledhill’s blog:

    But initial responses from the orthodox are not promising. ‘Chilling,’ is how Kendall Harmon described it, warning that schism now was even closer than before. This report would have the effect of propelling TEC further away from the centre and hasten any breach that is looming, he said.


    Kendall warned that schism had now been brought even closer. ‘This has made the survival of the Anglican Communion less likely. That is what breaks my heart. I would say there is an inch of thread left. We have less thread than we had yesterday. The report does not deal honestly with what actually happened at General Convention last year, with the real situation on the ground. The Primates now have to do even more work because the report does not give them the correct analysis.’

  20. Brian Says:


    I am deeply troubled that someone did not see the report who was actually on the committee charged with the report.

    Then you should be deeply troubled by EVERYTHING that comes from the Global South;)

  21. closet catholic Says:

    Kendall wrote: “This subcommittee report, which on the record was not even seen by one of the members of the “Gang of Four” whose names are attached to it before it was released, is but one part of the data gathering process in Dar Es Salaam.”

    What kind of process do they follow where a report can go out under someone’s name without them reading it let alone approve it? This just seems too incredible to be true. Oh my I am agreeing with Sarah.
    On some other blog, it was stated that the subcommittee report was circulated amongst the primates for several months.
    What is the source for the Kendall’s contention?
    In any event, many thought TEC’s non-compliance was a foregone conclusion and the fight would be over what type of discipline would be taken. By focusing the debate for so long on the compliance issue, those who want to delay any decisivie action, have gained a major victory. They are obviously running out the clock. Will the referee add time to the match? Is there a referee?

  22. Brian Says:

    I’m confused on the construction of this part of the sentence:

    which on the record was not even seen by one of the members of the “Gang of Four” whose names are attached to it before it was released,

    Are you asserting that NONE of the ’signatories’ saw it or that ONE of the ’signatories did not see it. It seems inconceivable that the ABC had not seen it and since he and the other Primates have vowed silence on issues including the report, virtually unknowable.

  23. Marc Says:

    reasserters on the edge of despair - yes; the darkness of that is part of the reason I’m not in that camp, though I am as orthodox as anyone.

    the subcommittee report is only a report - yes, in exactly the same way that the Windsor Report is only a report (and all that implies.)

    it is up to the Primates to decide what to do with this all information and how to proceed - no; because there is virtually no polity in the AC, it is up to the Primates and the other Instruments of Communion and General Convention and parish leadership and the baptized membership…

    let us pray—really pray—for a genuinely evangelical and catholic outcome that moves the Anglican Communion forward for the gospel at the beginning of the twenty first century - absolutely, positively! THIS is where (the hope for) our unity lies.

  24. more martha than mary Says:

    #7 CharlesN,
    You were blessed with a very wise grandfather. Thank you for that.

    And thank you, Kendall, for all that you do for us.

  25. hyacinth Says:

    I am not one in despair but often champion the underdog so here goes.

    In all fairness to those in the camp of despair, I believe it is time those in leadership in reasserting dioceses and churches own up to their responsibility in fomenting this environment of despair. For too long, we have been told to hang on, hang on. While those in nice churches in Kansas, Texas, and Virginia have the luxury of moving on, the vast majority of the orthodox have been in revisionist dioceses and parishes.

    We have been told to wait till GC2006, then Windsor, then Dromantine and now Tanzania. We have patiently wait and supported our leaders. I have maintained a positive outlook on Tanzania. Consequently this chiding in the polite form of an appeal for calm is an affront. I suggest the orthodox leadership here in the US take some time after Tanzania to do some deep soul searching on this matter. We have believed and stood behind you.

    Kendall, this is a cheap shot. If some in the flock have engaged in the sin of despair, the clergy and leadership should own up to their responsibility in creating the climate. What role have the blogmasters played in creating this climate with the stories they post? Have you read some of the stuff which the orthodox blogspinsters have posted? They despair and drag everyone with them. Kindly consider caucusing with them in the near future and consider ethical duties of blog owners.

    I’m only sorry I could not be as eloquent as NT Wright was in his recent response to the Fulcrum group of evangelicals.

    I am certain I am not alone in feeling this way about this post.


  26. Connie Sandlin Says:

    Today at Mass, I was thinking about all this in terms of the Passion. For many of us, perhaps the final “nail” was driven at General Convention, but has continued to cause aggravated pain through the un-Christian acts of persecution by TE”C”. We might see this as our institutional Good Friday (although for some, Good Friday started way before GC 2006).

    Following this line, the Primates Meeting might be seen as our prolonged Holy Saturday, a time when we are at prayer in the Upper Room, troubled and dismayed by the events of our Good Friday, and unsure about the future. We cannot foresee what is to come, although we expect something to happen. From our post-Resurrection vantage, we know that all things are in God’s hands and His will.

    We reasserters/orthodox/conservates/traditionalists are living in the hope of Resurrection, the re-ordering of Christ’s Body into all Truth.

    We as Christians are enjoined to practice the Cardinal Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. As the Apostles did in the Upper Room with Our Lady, let us continue in prayer until the results of the Primates’ deliberations are revealed.

    We may or may not get exactly what we think we want, but God, our Good and Benevolent Father, will surely give us what we need. Our job is to be faithful, no matter what.

  27. DH Says:

    Thank you for this reminder to stay calm until the cows come home, so as to speak. As with most matters of such great importance, we have heard and read so much speculation that waiting, as hard as that is, is certainly the best thing to do. Being in a thoroughly…even more than thoroughly.. reappraising (your terms, mine are a bit stronger) diocese, I am used to so much revisionism that I bought the airplane ticket..and a parachute long ago.

    This may be the fire of hardening the steel for us reasserters regardless of the outcome.

    But Kendall, your being a towering lighthouse beaming the spirit of God to those of us at sea has been our greatest strength in all of this. Thank you!n

  28. Betty Says:

    I am kind of glad that the Windsor report has been put to rest - and that now the Primates can (if they will) get to the real issue, that is the TEC’s denial of Scripture.
    I hope they will consider whether the Anglican Communion can stay in communion with Bishops who deny Scripture and even deny the divinity of Jesus. Those who lead their followers astray from God’s Word weather for good reason or bad are not Christians.
    This is why Christians in the United States are so disappointed with their leaders. This is why we are looking to the Anglican Communion for help.

  29. Timothy Says:

    Panic? I don’t see it. What I see is an honest reaction to events.

    The subcommitee report needs to be condemned. Allowing ++Schori to sit was a mistake and should be critisized. The “wait until the Covenant”
    dodge should be exposed for the dead end it is. The “overacceptance” spin needed to be nipped in the bud. The readers and churchgoers deserve to be given a full and candid assessment so they can prayerfully ascertain where God is leading them. So what if it doesnt appear the white hats are winning? We know the ultimate victory is secured, and that with every closed door another one will be opened up.

  30. mspk Says:

    Thanks, Kendall.

    I just returned from a glorious weekend at Cursillo #146. God is alive and well in the DoSC!!! I am praying, as I have been for ages. To quote one of my favorite songs (music cha, here!)…They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Teach me Lord, teach me Lord to WAIT!!!

    God’s Peace!

  31. Br_er Rabbit Says:

    God is in control. Therefore I shall not fear; I shall be calm.

    I have never believed that this (this struggle, this ?schism?, this debate, this floundering) was about the Anglican Communion.

    No, what has been going on for the last few years is about much more. It is about the decline of Christianity in America. It is about the decline of Christianity in western civilization. Will the megaliths of the western denominations survive at all? *Should* they survive?

    Or will it soon be time to let them die, to be replaced by a new rebirth of Christianity led by those on fire for Jesus, on fire for the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints? Is time being fulfilled for the death of the old and tired, and for a sweeping new move of the Spirit?

    I do not know. But I am calm. God is in control.

  32. Rob Eaton+ Says:

    I was there before you said it the first time, I’m there with you now, and I do my share to keep the fur down (but not molted) around my neck of the woods.
    Further, I am praying patiently for the Lord’s return, of which I do not know the time or the day…..


  33. Brian Says:


    I hope they will consider whether the Anglican Communion can stay in communion with Bishops who deny Scripture and even deny the divinity of Jesus.

    Neither of which ++Katharine has done. She may deny a Fundamentalist reading of Scripture, but she has never denied Jesus’ divinity.

  34. Truth Unites ... and Divides Says:

    [#25] My Dear Chap Hyacinth,

    A spot of tea? Why yes, I accept your kind offer from earlier today:


    Might I suggest a cup of ginger and mango tea? It aids in soothing muscle strain. Fretfully, I dare say the kind Archbishop will not be nearly as amused as you were.



    As the ginger and mango tea soothes my abdominal muscles, it may lift your spirits as well.

    Pax ‘ol bloke.

  35. hyacinth Says:

    Thank you Truth.

    Bloke? lol

  36. kendall Says:

    Rob, the Lord bless you brother.

  37. Chip Says:

    “Let us wait and see what develops and let us pray—really pray—for a genuinely evangelical and catholic outcome that moves the Anglican Communion forward for the gospel at the beginning of the twenty first century.”

    Thank you, Kendall. We NEED those words. One extremely intense week in the life of the Communion is nothing in the timescheme of God’s purposes. Bless you, brother. You and your stand for the gospel are much appreciated.

    Peace of Christ,

  38. Sick & Tired of Nuance Says:

    by Missing Persons

    Do you hear me
    Do you care
    Do you hear me
    Do you care

    My lips are moving and the sound’s coming out
    The words are audible but I have my doubts
    That you realize what has been said
    You look at me as if you’re in a daze
    It’s like the feeling at the end of the page
    when you realize you don’t know what you just read

    What are words for when no one listens anymore
    What are words for when no one listens
    What are words for when no one listens it’s no use talkin at all

  39. kendall Says:

    Brian I did not say the signers I said one of the committee members. And I told you how I know, I worked to confirm it with sources. It had a big impact on me because I was surprised when I first heard it and wondered how it could be true.

  40. Sick & Tired of Nuance Says:

    My Mom’s in one of the CTSix parishes…I’ll be sure and pass on the word for her not to despair!

  41. Rocks Says:

    Canon, forgive me if I’m mistaken, but you said one of the Gang of Four. Aren’t they the signers? Or did no one, except the ABC, sign off on this?

  42. craig Says:

    #33 Brian…”vehicle of the divine” is how PB has termed Jesus’ divinity. I am a vehicle of the divine; Jesus on the other hand is the divine. The PB has indeed rejected Jesus’ divinity as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

  43. Brian Says:


    I was writing my comment before you posted your explanation. Your timing for this revelation is interesting indeed.

  44. Sick & Tired of Nuance Says:

    BTW…she just turned 66. No problem about taking YEARS and YEARS to resolve heresy. My brother [Baptist] cannot understand why she just does not leave a Church so steeped in open and flagrant sin. I keep telling him about the “process” and how there are some faithful Christians that are fighting the good fight to keep their Church from being taken over by heretics…

    Blah, blah, blah…

    What is there left to say?

    Earnestly, what shall I say to my mother to console her now that the process is in year 4 and one of her sons thinks that she is part of an apostate church?

    “Don’t worry Mom; it will all turn out right before you’re 70. Hang in there.”

    “Pay no attention to the PB denying the divinity of Christ and calling Jesus, ‘Mother’.”

    “Don’t worry, just because your priest [as fine a Christian as I have EVER met] has been deposed by a lying duplicitous tyrant. I know they raided and illegally took possession of one of your sister Churches, but it hasn’t happened to your Church…yet.”

    Inquiring minds would earnestly like to know….

  45. Lee Nelson+ Says:


    It hardly seems right to keep the name of this “one “signer”" in the pocket. Or do you not know the name?

  46. Brian Says:


    I might be wrong, but I believe that they called it the “Gang of Four” because four people were placed in the subgroup in addition to the ABC and the Secretary General. So the actual number of people would be 6. The document only lists the participants in the subgroup and is not, to my knowledge, signed. Therefore, people feel free to disavow it later. It is an old trick that ++Akinola is fond of.

  47. Betty Says:

    Brian, You are right I should not have said Bishops who “deny the divinity of Jesus”, I should have said “Bishops who do not affirm the divinity of Jesus or His Words”.
    I was not referring specifically to PB Schori, but please let us know when she unequivocally proclaims the divinity of Jesus or the Authority of Scripture.

  48. Brian Says:


    #33 Brian…”vehicle of the divine” is how PB has termed Jesus’ divinity. I am a vehicle of the divine; Jesus on the other hand is the divine. The PB has indeed rejected Jesus’ divinity as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

    Let me copy for you part of a Christmas message given this year by a leader in our Church:

    God loved us so much that he came to dwell among us, to tent among us in human flesh… There is a wonderful echo there of God’s presence in the tent while Israel wandered in the wilderness. The gift of the Incarnation says that God is willing to take on the human tent of flesh and be one with and among us.

    Yes, that was from ++Katharine.

  49. Phil Snyder Says:

    There is a word that we reasserters need to relearn: “Patience.”

    When Anthony went to the desert, he did so because the Church has become corrupted by society.

    Athanasius was exiled on numerous occassions because the Church had been corrupted by politics and society.

    The Cappodocians reformed a Church that had forgot what it believed.

    Radbertus & Ratramnus spoke to a church that had lost its way.

    Anslem lead a revolution because the Church had lost its intellectual heft.

    Francis and Dominic reformed and saved a church corrupted by power and wealth.

    Luther was excommunicated for teaching Catholic doctrine to a Church that had forgotten it.

    Cramner died for recalling the Church to her teaching.

    The Caroline Divines found a Church in a political and social mess and recalled her to her Lord.

    Wesley spoke to a generation that had forgotten their faith and sparked an evangelical revival in England and America.

    Inspired by the study of scripture and the new fervor in the faith, the Oxford Movement recalled the catholicity of the Church.

    In all these cases, the Church was in grave error and had lost Her way and God raised up leaders to bring the Church back to her Lord. Now is not the time to dispair. Now is the time to pray and to look for the leaders. It is time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we have done to bring the Church back to her Lord.

    Many of us are tired and weary of the fight. The best place to rest in on our knees and to seek strength and power there!

    Phil Snyder

  50. Reason and Revelation Says:

    Yes, but that does not say that Jesus was resurrected in the body and that His resurrection is the one true path to God. The above statement can be consistent with a non-Christ-centered orientation, because one can easily also say that God is in all of us, such that we are all instantiations of God in the human tent of flesh.

    The theological dividing line is not God among us, but the centrality of the Resurrection.

  51. Wportbello Says:

    Worry is spiritual nearsightedness……

  52. Sarah Says:


    Maybe this is an explanation.

    Did *anyone* see the report from the subcommittee — ie, the gang of four? That would explain it.

    Anyone know?

  53. Brian Says:


    You would assume that someone had to approve it before compiling and printing-so at least the ABC

  54. Bill Channon Says:

    I am deeply troubled that someone did not see the report who was actually on the committee charged with the report.

    Then you should be deeply troubled by EVERYTHING that comes from the Global South;)”

    Then we should all be troubled about the integrity of everyone who had anything to do with compiling the sub-report, orthodox and liberal. Why just focus on “EVERYTHING that comes from the Global South”?

  55. Gawain Says:

    It would be alright if people began anglican-rite congregationalist churches. In governance they would be a lot like Episcopal churches, just no gay or lesbian people. Only clean people and pious priests.

    Re 50: hindus also believe in the resurrection of the body. Jesus, for them, was an expert yogi. Your following point about the flesh can be traced - not to Jesus - but to Adam.

    shadenfreude? Wait - we’re the ones that reasserters want to kick out. If we are happy, its because the hostility from the reasserters did not win.

    Most of us reappraisers don’t see this as a win/lose game. The reasserters do: if we can get kicked out, God wins. We think God will win anyway.

  56. Wilkie Says:

    Please don’t feed te troll …

    Good night. See you in the morning …

  57. JM Says:

    I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t resist a few predictions.

    (1) At the end of the conference, Bp Schori and the reappraisers will be prancing about with one finger raised, shouting the equivalent of “We’re Number One!” I don’t predict which digit will be raised, however.

    (2) No TEC lawyers will be out of a job.

    (3) Some Godly reasserters will claim to have discerned some grounds for encouragement for orthodox believers.

    (4) There will be another event that we are all encouraged to hold tight and wait for — other than the second coming, of course.

  58. Dan Crawford Says:

    Let us wait, you say. We have been waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting. . . and waiting. . . and waiting. . . and waiting. . . and waiting . . . and waiting so long that I suspect quite a few folks have gotten to the point where they really don’t give a damn anymore.

  59. Truth Unites ... and Divides Says:

    [#57] JM, you’re really going out on a limb with those predictions, aren’t you? You may have the gift of prophecy and don’t even know it.

  60. Jim McNeely+ Says:

    Non-concur with Dr. Harmon’s thinking here.

    I, for one, grow weary of hearing the word, “wait” when applied to reasserters. It is mysteriously absent when applied to the reappraisers.

    For many, this is the last straw. If the Global South refuses to take a stand, then I fear the exodus out the door of Anglicanism will accelerate.

    Funny…Athanasius or the Cappadocians never embraced the term “patience” in this context. They refused to bend to the winds of heresy and corruption.


  61. Br_er Rabbit Says:

    When I was a lad (not long before Rowan Williams was a lad) I attended school at Crestline Elementary (9 rooms, K thru 8) along Rim of the World drive overlooking great valleys to the north and south. Sometimes, instead of taking the bus home, my brothers and I would get to walk northward down the hill toward the community church where someone would watch over us until our mother got home from work.

    Two roads led north, one of them to Valley of Enchanchment and the other to Lake Gregory. We always took the steeper one, though it was longer and we had to cut back towards Lake Gregory. We did this because at the top of the hill there were always tin cans (that’s what we called them then) tossed aside by the tourists visiting Crestline, which we could kick down the road.

    What fun that was! The cans made a marvelous clattering noise as they skittered down the steep road into the distance, and sometimes we could get 4 or 5 of them moving at once. They would creat a perfectly resounding din of noise to echo across the approach to the Valley of Enchantment.

    Before that school year was out, at the bottom of the road was a substantial pile of different colored cans glittering by the roadside. Needless to say, the neighbors were not please. They complained to the parson at the community church, and we ended up having to go out and pick them up into trash bags.

    Rowan Williams has always impressed me (I don’t know why; maybe it’s the eyebrows) as someone with a mischevious sense of fun. I am sure he would have loved to join us in kicking the cans down the road.

    But there is always a bottom to the hill, or a turn in the road, and sooner or later someone will have to clean up the mess. I am afraid that cleaning up the mess of what’s left of the Anglican Communion will be a lot less fun–and a lot more like work–than kicking the can down the hill.

  62. Br_er Rabbit Says:

    LOL! The smiley instead of grade 8 was unexpected but not a bad addition.


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