Monday, February 19, 2007

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement - Media Statement - 19th Feb 2007

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Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement - Media Statement - 19th Feb 2007

On Monday 19th February the primates of the Anglican Communion will conclude their meeting in Dar es Salaam.

The meeting is expected to end with a statement.

The Revd Richard Kirker chief executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement made the following remarks on Monday morning in anticipation of the final communiqué:

“The real test comes today. All the posturing of the last few days pales into insignificance compared to the difficulty of producing an agreed statement.”

“Lesbian and gay Anglicans can be sure of one thing, if there is agreement it will be at our cost. I have seen the Anglican machine working at close quarters for over 30 years, and when its stability is threatened they do not hesitate to sacrifice us for their survival. The knife has already pierced our flesh, the only question seems to be - How deeply will they cut?”

“Some 200 people came to London this past weekend for our Conference, sponsored by the Home Office – Faith, Homophobia and Human Rights. The harsh and unsavoury realities we discussed there find their genesis in the sort of back-room deals currently going on in Tanzania.”

“It is a sad fact that the majority of lesbian and gay people believe they have as much to fear from faith communities as they do from evil political regimes. It is a deeply worrying fact that in many places faith communities and extremist politicians make common cause in an attempt to deny justice to lesbian and gay people.”

“Whatever the outcome of today’s deliberations, lesbian and gay Anglicans are not going away, nor are we going into hiding. We will be with you, praying loudly for you and making light of the yoke you place upon us. We will apologise for you because you look so ridiculous and make our faith seem so mean and nasty. We will encourage you to read our scriptures with new hearts and new minds and we will forgive you when you realise how much harm you have done to us in the name of Jesus.”


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