Monday, February 19, 2007

Dave Walker's Perspective

Dave Walker of Cartoon Church has a new cartoon up on the Primates' Meeting Communique, if you need a laugh:

Here's the link

Also, he's got some interesting stats on how many readers from which Anglican blogs visited his site recently:

Who reads the Anglican blogs?

A lot of the blogs commenting on current Anglican goings-on were kind enough to link to my Primates meeting cartoon series the other day. I thought it would be nice to link back to some of them and also interesting to see how many people clicked through to my site from the different blogs. I’ve therefore made a top 10 list of the Anglican blogs that supplied the most visitors over the weekend, nearly all of which directed more than 100 people to my cartoon feature. This list begins to give an idea as to how many people read the different blogs, though not a very accurate one as on some of these blogs the post linking here stayed at the top of the list for ages, whereas in other cases the link was one link in a list of many links. It must also be mentioned of course that there are some very good Anglican blogs not listed here as this list only includes ones who linked here over the weekend. All in all, come to think of it, this list is not that useful and so should probably be ignored.

So, in reverse order of numbers of visitors clicking through here:

10 Drell’s Descants
Conservative blog from the classical anglican site. Not to be confused with ‘Drell’s discounts’, the people who sell second hand cars and washing machines.

9 daily episcopalian
Liberal blog from Jim Naughton in the diocese of Washington, USA.

8 Inclusive Church blog
A new blog by Scott Gunn of the liberal UK group Inclusive Church. Scott has been posting from Tanzania and takes pictures too.

7 Stand Firm
A good place to keep up with the conservative side of things, though the contributors do tend to get a little bit overexcited sometimes. I have found that the comments aren’t always a good advert for the conservative stance, though perhaps that isn’t a fair thing to say.

6 Times Online - Ruth Gledhill - WBLG
The blog of the newspaper. Ruth would have been a lot higher in this list (top 3 I’d guess) except that the link from there to here was in the middle of a lot of others not in a separate post like some of the others.

5 Pontifications
Site written by Catholics who used to be Anglicans.

4 Thinking Anglicans
Thinking Anglicans is the site I recommend if you just want one ‘Anglican goings-on’ news blog. Simon does tend to do a better job of filtering out the nonsense than some of the other links blogs and doesn’t post lots of extracts making it easier to find things.

3 epiScope
New blog from the Episcopal church in the USA. Official and everything. Coming from the more liberal side of things.

2 Father Jake Stops the World
Father Jake writes commentary from a liberal point of view. Eclectic and eccentric.

1 titusonenine
Kendal Harmon’s TirusOneNine site was the only one in this list to send four figures-worth of visitors. Kendall posts so many links that it is difficult to keep up - I don’t know how he manages to do his washing and ironing.
[Titusonenine often breaks under the strain when something interesting is happening in Anglican circles - the backup blog is here]


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