Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lent & Beyond: Sept. 19th posts

Since Lent & Beyond does not have a backup blog, we're posting two entries today on their behalf so they can still be accessed if CaNNet crashes.

Index: September 19th Posts

We’re likely to be posting many entries to Lent & Beyond each day this week. To help you find what you’re looking for easily, I’ll try to create a daily index.

Intercession Resources:
1. Prayer Resources for the Global South Primates Meetings
2. Overview of all this week’s meetings, and working list of Camp Allen attendees (updated Sept 19, 12:30 EDT / 16:30 GMT)
3. ++Rowan’s Prayer


Lectionary Based Prayers and Other Scripture-based Prayers:
1. Tim Fountain: “Waiting on the Lord”
2. Torre Bissell: John 12:12-13
3. Prayers from a Reader Based on Ps. 61 and Ps. 62
4. We Proclaim Jesus!
5. Holy vows, holy gifts, holy prayers


Other Resources and Posts of Interest:
1. IMPORTANT: Please support CaNNet in prayer and financially.
2. Network calls for Daily Prayer
3. A wonderful meditation on Christian joy. — Don’t miss this!!
4. Also important: Rowan Williams’ Pastoral Letter to the Primates
5. This week’s lectionary readings


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