Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Prayer Resources for the Global South Primates

posted on behalf of Lent & Beyond. Original link is here.

This week (Sept 19-22) the Global South Primates will be meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. We have been asked by one Anglican leader to uphold them in prayer as follows:

“Please pray that they will be faithful to keep their eyes clearly on making the Gospel real as they deal with the difficult issues of war, poverty, the spread of militant Islam, and building an Anglican covenant in the midst of it all.”

I have seen no published list of which Primates will be in Rwanda this week, but from past meetings of the Global South, I would imagine that all or most of the following Primates might be there:

Peter J. AKINOLA, Nigeria
Justice O. AKROFI, West Africa
John CHEW, Southeast Asia
Fidele DIROKPA, Congo
Drexel GOMEZ, West Indies
Emmanuel KOLINI, Rwanda
Bernard MALANGO, Central Africa
Joseph MARONA, Sudan
Donald MTETEMELA, Tanzania
Bernard NTAHOTURI, Burundi
Benjamin NZIMBI, Kenya
Henry OROMBI, Church of Uganda
Ignacio C. SOLIBA, Philippines
Peter SUGANDHAR, Church of South India
Gregory VENABLES, Southern Cone

Wonderful pictures of all these primates may be found here:

Other attendees could conceivably include:

Mouneer Hanna ANIS, Diocese of Egypt (Bishop, not Primate)
Clive HANDFORD, Jerusalem & M-East (He attended the Global South Encounter meetings last year)
Michael S BAROI, Bangladesh
Alexander John MALIK, Pakistan
James Simon AYONG, Papua New Guinea

I’d suggest that a very good starting point for prayer might be to re-read the Communique that was produced during the Global South 3rd Encounter meeting in Egypt last year. It presents a vision of what we want a realigned Anglican Communion, a church that is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic should look like. Let’s help make it a reality through our prayers!

Finally a bunch more resources for those committed to praying for the Primates can be found here:

Note, It’s unclear at this time who among the many newly-elected Primates will be attending. I am assuming that ++Chew of SouthEast Asia and ++Ntahatouri of Burundi will attend since both attended the Global South Encounter meetings in Egypt. (I’ve included them both in the above list)

The Indian Ocean has always been represented at previous Global South meetings by Apb. Remi Rabenirina. He is now retired. It is unclear based on our reading whether the new Primate, Most Revd Gerald James (Ian) Ernest, shares the same evangelical committments as Abp. Remi did.

North India has a new moderator about whom little is known, The Most Revd Joel Vidyasagar Mal. ACNS hasn’t even every officially published any news of the transition between Primates in this Province.

Lent & Beyond will be posting daily lectionary-based prayers and other prayer resources to help you pray for these Anglican leaders at this crucial time.


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