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Anglican priest defends himself on conversion to Hinduism

September 16th, 2006 posted by kendall at 4:23 pm

Anglican priest David A Hart, whose open espousal of Hinduism has sparked a debate in British religious circles, says he will continue his exploration of the “oneness” of religions and remained unfazed by the consequences it could have on his priesthood.

“Some people say my licence as a priest is under review. I am not doing anything wrong here. I am a convert to the Hinduism here because that is the local religion. And practising Hinduism is in no way incompatible with my faith in Christ,” Hart, now staying at Karumam near here, told PTI.

After coming to know about his “conversion”, ‘Church Times’ of the Church of England (C of E) has launched a debate and online poll on the feasibility of allowing hart to officiate as a priest.

Attached to the diocese of ELY in England, 52-year-old hart had taught theology at the university of derby for several years. Though he had visited India several Times since 1987, he came here for an extended stay last year teaching English and theology in a local seminary.

Dressed in a saffron ‘dhoti’ and pristine white shirt, hart the other day enthusiastically mingled with local crowd in celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanthi and, a few days back, was seen worshiping Lord Ganesh.

Hart said he had not received any official communication from the bishop of ELY about his priesthood being reconsidered.

Hart’s ‘pooja room’ at his house here has pictures of Christ and Krishna, virgin Mary and Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of art and learning.

There is even a plastic ‘Nagar,’ the serpent revered and worshipped by the Hindus. Also, on the wall of the drawing room was displayed a poster depicting the holy places of Islam.

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