Sunday, July 19, 2009

Local Paper (2): A Profile of Church of the Holy Communion, Charleston

In a long interview about the status of the church, Harmon said the tension between gospel truth and Catholic order is ever increasing, and some, such as the conservative Anglican Church in North America, are sacrificing ecclesiastic tradition for the sake of evangelical truth.

"They've chosen truth over order in the short term because there was no other option." On the other side, those advocating order and church unity have not done enough to distance themselves from recent "errors," [Kendall] Harmon said.

"And South Carolina is in no-man's land, somewhere in the middle," a theologically conservative diocese that nevertheless doesn't want to break away entirely, he said. For now, the diocese sees its role as a standard-bearer of orthodoxy.

Harmon compared the diocese's relationship with the national church to a married couple made unhappy by adultery but not yet determined to divorce.

"If you stay in the house, you have no choice but to distance yourself from your spouse," he said. You sleep in a different bedroom and argue vociferously over dinner.

The leadership at Holy Communion is acutely aware of the strain.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful article for one hungry for good news. If I must leave my state because of
our new bishop, I plan to move to Charleston and to The Church of Holy Communion. Thanks be to God for Fr. Sanderson and the Diocese of SC.

8:26 AM  

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