Saturday, July 18, 2009

How the “Anaheim Statement” Bishops Voted

Posted by Elfgirl

This may cross over into editorializing which we elves try not to do. But posting the roll call tables below, we couldn't help but be struck by something.

We have extracted the voting information for the 27 bishops who are known to have signed the "Anaheim Statement," from the larger table with all the roll call votes which is posted in the entry below. It seems very strange to us elves that a full one-third of these signatories claim to "reaffirm their commitment" to uphold the Windsor Process moratoria, while they voted FOR one or both resolutions (D025 and C056) that indicate TEC's intention to breach those moratoria.

Remember, as per all our caveats in the entry below, the vote tallies here are unofficial. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but the C056 data in particular is still off by two votes (among the full 136 bishops who voted).

(Click on the image to get a larger easier-to-read view)

You can read the full text of the Anaheim Statement here

It includes the line:
* We reaffirm our commitment to the three moratoria requested of us by the instruments of Communion.

Re-read D025 and C056 for yourselves, and please explain to this feeble-minded elf how one can have voted YES for D025 and C056 and signed this reaffirmation. We're clueless.



Blogger Canon Neal said...

Well done, Elf Girl! Your research causes me to ask the question: Why would a bishop vote 'yes' on both D025 and C056 and then the Anaheim Statement as well? Seems to me that they are logically in opposition to each other.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Father Joel Morsch said...

The link to D025 does not work.

6:33 AM  

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