Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In New England, The Episcopal Church ponders next step on same sex vows

Episcopal bishops in New England and Iowa, the only parts of the nation where same-sex marriage is legal, are preparing for a wave of requests to allow priests to oversee the ceremonies as the result of a decision last week by the Episcopal Church that opens the door to church weddings for gay couples.

In interviews yesterday, none of several bishops interviewed said they were immediately prepared to allow priests to officiate at same-sex weddings, which remain prohibited by the canons of the Episcopal Church.

But, citing the denomination’s decision Friday to allow bishops in states where same-sex marriage is legal to “provide generous pastoral response’’ to same-sex couples, the bishops indicated that they are looking for ways to allow priests to at least celebrate, if not perform, gay nuptials in church.

“The problem is the prayer book says that marriage must conform to the laws of the state and the canons of the church, but if we respond to the laws of the state, we are in violation of the canons of the church,’’ said Bishop Stephen T. Lane of Maine, where the situation is further complicated by a possible referendum to overturn same-sex marriage. “We’re trying to respond pastorally, but not to get so far beyond the bounds of what the church understands that our clergy are just sort of hanging out there.’’

Now everyone follow along. What is the article talking about? Same sex "nuptials". Where are they taking place? In "church." And those Episcopal Bishops in a particular region who will offer these liturgies are seeking a common practice (makes pastoral sense). Offering liturgies? Yes, they very liturgies encouraged and approved by General Convention 2009. That's what liturgies are, correct, things like "nuptials" in a "church?" But we still have bishops trying to tell the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion that the Episcopal church didn't approve liturgies for same gener unions at the recently concluded General Convention. What utter nonsense. Read it all--KSH.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of postmodernist cognitive dissonance! These folks are not rational...nor is their babble coherent. This way lies madness.

Sick & Tired of Nuance

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