Monday, July 20, 2009

Bishop Epting Says General Convention did not Do what in Fact They did

3. Did not repeal B033 (last Convention’s resolution which asks bishops and standing committees to exercize “restraint” in consenting to the election of any bishop whose “manner of life” would cause additional strains on the Anglican Communion.)...

5. Authorized the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to work on designing rites for the blessing of same gender unions which would need to be brought back to the next General Convention for possible authorization in “trial use.”

6. Did not authorize any “public rites” for such blessings at the present time. The point of working on these for the future is so that we can get our theology right on these to know what we are actually doing as a church. This is crucial because the society is moving so quickly toward “gay marriage” and the church needs to be clear about what we think we are going when, and if, we bless such civil unions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were the protestations true that C025 did not repeal B033, could you imagine the hue and cry from Integrity, Moveon, and the rest of the GLBT community? If B033 was not repealed, GLBT's were given a false promise that they can be called to the episcopate. Somehow, I cannot imagine them sitting idly or quietly were that interpretation true . . .


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