Friday, July 17, 2009

ENS: West Texas bishop drafts 'Anaheim Statement,' reaffirms moratoria commitment

Bishop Edward J. Konieczny of Oklahoma told a convention news briefing that "when the statement was read, it was clear to everyone in the house that this was not a statement of division."

Rather, "it was a statement of unity and acknowledging and recognizing that we have listened to one another intently and we've done that with open hearts and mind, and that there was a thankfulness for that on the part of all. That particular statement was not intended to be anything other than them sharing with the wider communion that we are working together on this difficult issue," he added.

Bishop James Mathes of San Diego agreed, adding that Lillibridge's statement "was offered in a loving and appreciative way of the conversation we had."

It included "clarity of where they are, but also in appreciation for the listening [that went on] in earlier conversations in the last few days."

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