Thursday, July 16, 2009

Washington Times: Episcopal bishops approve same-sex blessing

U.S. Episcopal Church bishops authorized the church to draft a proposed blessing for same-sex couples Wednesday here at the Episcopal General Convention, although the measure still needs approval of the priest and lay delegates.

On Tuesday, the church decided to permit [non-celibate] gay bishops, which passed 99-45 among the bishops and by a 72 percent to 28 percent margin among the church's deputies.

When the gay-blessings resolution was brought to the House of Bishops for consideration Tuesday, only supporters of the bill rose to speak. Gay blessings were raised during the 2003 General Convention, Bishop John B. Chane of Washington said, and then "the time was not right" to proceed.

However, "now is the time to proceed with these rites," Bishop Chane said.

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