Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A reminder about how comments work here

Since it's been awhile since we've used the backup blog, we thought it would help to remind folks about the comments here.

When we copy and paste stories from the main Titusonenine blog, we always include the link to the comments over on the main blog too. If the blog is down, you won't be able to see those comments. Also, the number of comments listed reflects how many comments were there at the time we copied the story over here, it will not automatically update to reflect new comments posted on the main blog after we copied the story here.

You CAN leave commments here on the backup blog. Just look for the comment link next to a "posted by T19elves" line, rather than a comment link that shows up in the original T19 entry with all the category headings.

We'll try to post any new blog entries tonight or tomorrow individually rather than in batches to make commenting easier.

If there is a big breaking news stories that attracts lots of comments here, we WILL post them over on the main blog when access is possible there. We don't want folks to feel that comments here will be "wasted" -- we'll do all we can to get them on the main blog. And vice - versa as possible -- if there is a very long important comment thread on the main blog, we'll try to copy it over here so it is accessible even if the main blog is down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a passing whimsey, but what about The Province of Greater Texas? ;-)

1:29 AM  

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