Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How this backup blog works & current status

This backup blog is current with today's posts as of:

Wednesday Feb 14
13:45 GMT / 08:45 EST

We will keep this post on top. Check for new posts below!!


For this special week of the Primates meeting we will try to keep updating it every two hours or so. We will try to post many entries as individual posts as on the main blog, since we know that makes commenting much easier. But sometimes when Kendall has posted a lot in a short period, we will post batches of stories.

Let us know if you have questions or problems. Our e-mail address:

-- the Titusonenine blog elves


Note: For some very heavily commented-upon threads we will copy comments from the main Titusonenine site to the comments here. Make sure you click on the comments icon for this backup blog (which will be below the link to the comments on the main Titusonenine site). Note that the correct comment count for the comments on the main blog will not display properly here. A post which says "no comments" may in fact have dozens of comments, it just means we copied the original post here before any comments were entered.


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