Tuesday, February 13, 2007

From Jonathan Petre’s Blog: Primates in their unnatural habitat

February 13th, 2007 posted by kendall at 1:10 pm

Now there is a new creature on the premises, often resplendent in colourful finery: the Anglican primate. They are generally shy and retiring, preferring to gather together in dark corners; approached by members of the press, some scuttle away while others look furtive.

Some of them arrived still wearing their Episcopal purple shirts and clerical collars, a camouflage they had adopted to pass through Dar Es Salaam airport with the minimum of fuss. But this was soon shed in favour of breezy short-sleeved shirts, either in vibrant African-style colours or more pastel shades, with sun glasses optional. One or two favour shorts and sandals.

The big beasts of the jungle are even more elusive. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has only just arrived and has not been seen in public, so his sartorial style is still under wraps. He was whisked through a heavily guarded back entrance to the hotel, away from prying eyes.

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts, the leading liberal from America, who arrived this evening, has also so far eluded the hovering journalistic pack, but we are expecting a better than average wardrobe from her. The one big beast who has been seen menacingly roaming around his territory is the Primate of Nigeria, Archbishop Peter Akinola, who heads the conservative Global South group.

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