Thursday, February 15, 2007

A clarification about comments

For most posts here (those copied from the main T19 site) there are two sets of comments on the backup blog. There are the original T19 comments which are still broken (sigh) and any new comments folks chooose to leave here (which are working.)

Very few comments have been left on this blog so far, but for two threads yesterday we copied comments from the main blog. We'd do more of that, but now can't get in to any comments on the main blog.

Look for the comment link BELOW the main post, next to "posted by T19elves". The comment link within the original T19 entry (for those items that have been copied off of the main blog) takes you back to the original T19 site and thus does no good. It's easier to see how the "two sets of comments" works on an individual post copied from the original blog.

Use this post as an example:
The link to the original T19 comments within the entry says 5 comments. (The actual final total yesterday was about 60 comments, but the link here shows the number of comments when we posted the story. It's frustrating. Sorry). Below that 5 comment link, you'll see a link for 1 comment. Those are the comments here on the backup blog. So far just a test comment by this humble elf.

We'll probably enter all posts today here as single entries rather than any large batches. It will make commenting much easier.

Thanks for your patience. Holler at us with any questions:

One request: PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING AS "ANONYMOUS!" -- please at least add some intials or identifier. Otherwise it gets very confusing when there are multiple people posting as "ANONYMOUS".


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