Thursday, September 14, 2006

Democrats to roll out plan to curtail abortions

Kendall posted this a little while ago on the main Titusonenine site. I just realized I'd neglected to copy it over here

Reaching out to more moderate, churchgoing voters with misgivings about abortion, House Democrats plan to unveil legislation on Thursday that sets a public policy goal of reducing abortions in America.

The proposal, to be announced at a news conference attended by the House Democrats’ national campaign chairman, Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, would not restrict access to abortion. Instead, it promotes such preventive measures as funding for contraceptives and expanded sex education geared toward avoiding pregnancy as well as support for adoption and services to new mothers, according to several people familiar with the legislation.

The legislation targets voters who have concerns about abortion but who are not absolutely opposed to the procedure. Its introduction follows extended discussion in Democratic political circles about improving the party’s image with traditionalist voters and public efforts by prominent Democrats to fashion an approach to abortion with broader appeal.

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