Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bishop Stanton's e-mail message following NY Meetings

We posted the link to this last night in our news roundup, but here's the text of Bishop Stanton's brief message to his diocesan clergy yesterday:

Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 11:03 AM

To: [Dallas Episcopal Clergy]

Subject: About the New York Meeting

From: the Rt. REv. James M. Stanton, Bishop of Dallas [followed by Bishop Duncan's statement, Jefferts Schori comments, meeting statement and Archbishop of Canterbury's statement.]

I have returned from the meeting in New York, suggested by the Archbishop of Canterbury in consultation with the Presiding Bishop. You will have seen by now, no doubt, the report of the meeting released by the Anglican Communion Office. Anxieties and expectations have been high concerning this meeting since it was announced.

Those who wanted (or feared) any kind of resolution at so brief a meeting were, I think, bound to be disappointed. However, speaking for myself, I believe it was important. I would characterize the meeting as frank and realistic, but also gracious and productive. All the bishops were engaged and open. “Speaking the truth in love” comes to mind. I expect there will be follow-ups to this gathering.

Faithfully, The Rt. Rev. James M. Stanton, Bishop of Dallas

source: Anglicans United


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