Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Vote is in!

House of Deputies Votes on B033

The chair has called the Chaplain.

The vote begins.

The chair recognizes a deputy from Central New York.

His question ruled out of order. They will continue to take a Vote by Orders.


Here in the newsroom people are typing and listening intently. A few reporters wearily sip their coffee. You hear the tap, tap, tap of the laptops. We wait.

If this passes, the Episcopal Church will not have complied with the requests made by the leadership of the Anglican Communion in the Windsor Report.

Lay Orders are voting

Clergy Orders are now voting.

LAY: yes 77.4 no 21. divided 11 carried

CLERGY: 75.8 yes 24 no divided 10 carried



Blogger Pam C. said...

The resolution passes. So what? As I asked elsewhere, what does it matter? The resolution isn't complient with Windsor by a long shot. The PB elect called it inadequate for different reasons. What's the point? So we got something passed that is unacceptable. Sheeesh!

2:23 PM  

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