Wednesday, June 21, 2006

News Release: Anglican Essentials

Anglican Essentials Canada NEWS RELEASE

Episcopal Church General Convention votes to “walk apart” from Global Anglican Communion by Clear Rejection of Windsor Report Recommendations

Columbus, OH - Anglican Essentials Canada expresses solidarity and empathy with our orthodox brothers and sisters in the U.S. who are grieving the actions of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church (TEC formerly ECUSA) this week. These actions make clear the intention of TEC to “walk apart” or separate from the global Anglican Communion.

While we hoped and prayed that they would repent and accept the recommendations of the Windsor Report, we are thankful for the clarity given by their actions. In defeating Motion A161, TEC not only refused to express any regret for their actions which have “torn the fabric of the Communion at its deepest level”, but they have also clearly and unequivocally rejected the recommendations of the Windsor Report.

The recommendations of the Windsor Report were made to help heal this wounded Communion, but instead TEC has further destabilized it with this vote.In addition, the election of Presiding Bishop-Elect, Katharine Jefferts Schori, whose theological position is well known and contrary to the expressed position of the Anglican Communion on issues of human sexuality will exacerbate further the current tensions in the Communion and in the ongoing Ecumenical dialogue with other Christian denominations.

We are deeply grateful for the biblical stand taken by faithful individuals and organizations throughout the proceedings of the General Convention, particularly Bishop Robert Duncan, Canon David Anderson, Canon Kendall Harmon, the Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council.

The actions of the Episcopal Church this week have increased greatly our concern for the Anglican Church of Canada, which has also been called to address and respond to the recommendations of the Windsor Report at our General Synod in 2007. Anglican Essentials Canada is strengthened in our resolve to remain in full communion with the global Anglican Communion and we pray that the Anglican Church of Canada will not vote to “walk apart” from that Communion as TEC has done.

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