Wednesday, June 21, 2006

General Convention votes "Aye" on B033

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Last night the Presiding Bishop called for a Joint Session this morning. At the Joint Session, Frank Griswold introduced a brand new resolution that The Episcopal Church only "receive and embrace" a "process of healing and reconciliation." No repentance - but not even regret. The resolution just "calls" bishops and standing committees to only "exercise restraint" by not electing and consecrating bishops whose "manner of life" only "presents a challenge to the wider church" and that all we worry about is the "strains" on the communion.

Does this sound like a church who recognizes that what happened in 2003 tore the fabric of the Anglican Communion. Is this a church that regrets its actions and promises not to do it before the communion comes to a consensus on this issue. No. In fact, it was clear from the PB-elect's remarks that whatever restraint is shown will be temporary and that what she calls "pastoral care" will win out over restraint.

In fact, she told the House of Deputies that the church is of two minds. The scriptures for today's lectionary are very clear about what God thinks about being double minded.

But the scripture readings for today are also clear that it is God's kindness that leads us to repentance. The leadership of the Anglican Communion have been very kind to ECUSA in pleading for regret and repentance and a moratorium on electing and consecration bishops in same sex unions. ECUSA is quite clear that it does not intend to regret its actions at General Convention, that it was make a commitment to stop electing and consecrating bishops in same sex unions, and that it will only admit that ECUSA has strained the communion - there's not even any mention of the bonds of affection.

At least we now have clarity. ANd now the rain and storms, which have been pouring down since this morning have stopped and the sun is now shining through.

We see clearly now the rain has gone.More later - thank you for your prayers.

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