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Roll Call vote tally for Bishops on Resolution D025 yesterday

Commenter Karen B. has done a lot of work organizing a rough list of the roll call tally on D025 in the House of Bishops (the resolution essentially superceding B033 and opening the door for election and consecration of additional active homosexual bishops).

The tally she worked from is at the Lead.

You can see Karen's various comments in this thread at the main T19 site. Several comments provide details of how yesterday's vote compares with the 2003 vote on consent for Gene Robinson. Below is her list of all votes in order of diocese.

We also understand that George Conger will be soon publishing a full roll call listing. At some point we will upload and post the roll call spreadsheet which Karen sent to us, though that would be easier to do on the main blog.


First, here is a list of ALL the votes, in order by diocese. Includes Diocesans, Suffragans, Assisting & Retired Bishops, etc. I’ve included some bishops whose names are on the Lead’s list but who have no vote recorded. Perhaps they were there and voted Present or did not vote at all? Who knows.

With various corrections, the total of Yes & No votes now matches the published total of 146 votes:
99 Yes
45 No
2 Abstain

Note: to help avoid comments such as “why is X diocese not listed?", this list also includes vacant sees or the names of absent diocesan bishops.

Diocese Vote Name Position Comment
*OTHER YES Epting Bishop for Ecumenical Relations
*OTHER YES Matthews Office of Pastoral Devt
*OTHER BLANK Griswold Retired Retired Pr. Bishop
*OTHER NO Packard Suffragan Armed Services
*OTHER YES ?? Skinner or Lunger ?? No Bishop of either name listed by Louie Crew

Alabama NO Parsley *Diocesan
Alabama YES Sloan Suffragan
Alaska YES Kimsey Assisting (Retired: Eastern Oregon)
Albany NO Love *Diocesan
Arizona YES Smith, Kirk *Diocesan
Arkansas YES Benfield *Diocesan
Atlanta YES Alexander *Diocesan
Atlanta YES Whitmore Assisting
Bethlehem YES Marshall *Diocesan
California YES Andrus *Diocesan
California YES Charleston Assisting
Central Ecuador YES Ramos-Orench *Diocesan
Central Florida NO Howe *Diocesan
Central Gulf Coast NO Duncan, Philip *Diocesan
Central New York YES Adams, Skip *Diocesan
Central Pennsylvania YES Baxter *Diocesan
Chicago YES Lee, Jeffrey *Diocesan
Chicago ABSTAIN Scantlebury Assisting
Chicago YES Percell Retired
Church in Europe YES Jefferts Schori *Diocesan
Church in Europe YES Whalon Bishop in Charge
Church in Europe NO Rowthorne Retired
Colombia NO Duque-Gomez *Diocesan
Colorado YES O’Neill *Diocesan
Connecticut YES Smith, Andrew *Diocesan
Connecticut YES Ahrens Suffragan
Connecticut YES Curry, James Suffragan
Dallas NO Stanton *Diocesan
Dallas NO Lambert Suffragan
Delaware YES Wright *Diocesan
Dominican Republic NO Holguin-Khoury *Diocesan
East Carolina YES Daniel *Diocesan
East Tennessee YES VonRosenburg *Diocesan
Eastern Michigan YES Ousley *Diocesan
Eastern Oregon VACANT Vacant See
Easton NO Shand *Diocesan
Eau Clair VACANT Vacant See
El Camino Real YES Gray-Reeves *Diocesan
Florida NO Howard *Diocesan
Florida YES Keyser Assisting
Fond du Lac NO Jacobus *Diocesan
Fort Worth (YES) Gulick Provisional Bishop (See Kentucky, I am only counting one vote for Gulick)
Georgia NO Louttit *Diocesan
Haiti NO Duracin *Diocesan
Hawaii YES Fitzpatrick *Diocesan
Hawaii YES Chang Retired
Honduras NO Allen, Lloyd *Diocesan
Idaho YES Thom *Diocesan
Indianapolis YES Waynick *Diocesan
Iowa YES Scarfe *Diocesan
Kansas YES Wolfe, Dean *Diocesan
Kentucky YES Gulick *Diocesan
Kentucky YES Reed, David Retired (There are two Reeds… this should be verified)
Lexington YES Sauls *Diocesan
Litoral Ecuador NO Morante *Diocesan
Long Island YES Walker *Diocesan
Long Island YES ???? Assisting
Los Angeles YES Bruno *Diocesan
Los Angeles YES Carranza Assisting
Los Angeles YES Borsch Retired
Los Angeles YES Talton Suffragan
Louisiana NO Jenkins *Diocesan
Maine YES Lane *Diocesan
Maine YES Knudson Retired
Maryland YES Sutton *Diocesan
Maryland NO Rabb Suffragan
Massachusetts YES Shaw *Diocesan
Massachusetts YES Harris, Barbara Retired
Massachusetts YES Cedarholm Suffragan
Massachusetts YES Harris, Gayle Suffragan
Michigan YES Gibbs *Diocesan
Milwaukee NO Miller *Diocesan
Minnesota YES Jelinek *Diocesan
Mississippi NO Gray, Duncan *Diocesan
Missouri YES Smith, George Wayne *Diocesan
Montana YES Brookhart *Diocesan
Navajoland BLANK ? MacDonald Assisting
Nebraska YES Burnett *Diocesan
Nevada YES Edwards *Diocesan
New Hampshire YES Robinson *Diocesan
New Jersey YES Councell *Diocesan
New Jersey YES Romero-Palma Assisting
New York YES Sisk *Diocesan
New York YES Donovan Assisting (Retired: Arkansas)
New York YES Roskam Suffragan
Newark YES Beckwith, Mark *Diocesan
North Carolina YES Curry, Michael *Diocesan
North Carolina YES Gregg, William Assisting
North Carolina YES ? Marble Assisting (Retired: Mississippi)
North Carolina YES Williams, H Retired Suffragan
North Dakota NO Smith, Michael *Diocesan
Northern California YES Beisner *Diocesan
Northern Indiana NO Little *Diocesan
Northern Michigan VACANT Vacant See
Northwest Texas NO Mayer *Diocesan
Northwest Texas BLANK ? Ohl Retired Name unclear, verify
Northwestern Pennsylvania NO Rowe *Diocesan
Ohio YES Hollingsworth *Diocesan
Ohio YES Williams, A Assisting
Oklahoma NO Konieczny *Diocesan
Oklahoma NO ? McAllister Retired Name unclear - verify
Olympia YES Rickel *Diocesan
Olympia YES Rivera Suffragan Per comment at the Lead
Oregon YES Hampton Assisting
Oregon YES Ladehoff Retired
Pennsylvania YES Michel Assisting
Pennsylvania BLANK Franklin Retired Suffragan
Pittsburgh YES Johnson, Robert H Assisting There are two Johnsons, I’m guessing it’s Pittsburgh acting
Puerto Rico YES Alvarez-Velazquez *Diocesan
Quincy YES Buchanan Provisional Bishop
Rhode Island NO Wolf, Geralyn *Diocesan
Rio Grande NO Frey, William Acting
Rochester YES Singh *Diocesan
San Diego YES Mathes *Diocesan
San Joaquin YES Lamb Provisional Bishop
South Carolina NO Lawrence *Diocesan
South Carolina NO Salmon Retired
South Dakota ABSENT Robertson *Diocesan Absent from Gen Con due to injury
Southeast Florida YES Frade *Diocesan
Southern Ohio YES Briedenthal *Diocesan
Southern Ohio YES Price Suffragan
Southern Virginia YES Hollerith *Diocesan
Southwest Florida NO Smith, Dabney *Diocesan
Southwestern Virginia YES Powell *Diocesan
Spokane BLANK Waggoner *Diocesan
Springfield NO Beckwith, Peter *Diocesan
Taiwan NO Jung-Hsin Lai *Diocesan
Tennessee NO Bauerschmidt *Diocesan
Texas NO Doyle *Diocesan
Texas BLANK Payne Retired
Texas BLANK Wimberly Retired
Texas NO High Suffragan
Texas NO Harrison Suffragan
Upper South Carolina YES Henderson *Diocesan
Utah YES Tanner-Irish *Diocesan
Utah YES Charles, Otis Retired
Venezuela ABSENT? Guerrero *Diocesan
Vermont YES Ely *Diocesan
Virgin Islands NO Gumbs *Diocesan
Virginia YES Lee, Peter *Diocesan
Virginia NO Johnston, Shannon CoAdjutor
Virginia BLANK Gray, Francis Retired Assisting (Retired: Northern Indiana)
Virginia YES Jones, David Suffragan
Washington YES Chane *Diocesan
West Tennessee YES Johnson, Don *Diocesan
West Texas NO Lillibridge *Diocesan
West Texas NO Reed, David Suffragan
West Virginia NO Klusmeyer *Diocesan
Western Kansas NO Adams, James *Diocesan
Western Louisiana NO McPherson *Diocesan
Western Massachusetts ABSTAIN Scruton *Diocesan
Western Michigan ABSENT? Gepert *Diocesan
Western Missouri YES Howe, Barry *Diocesan
Western New York YES Garrison *Diocesan
Western North Carolina YES Taylor *Diocesan
Wyoming YES Caldwell *Diocesan

YES 99
NO 45

Listed but no vote shown 8


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