Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update from the elves

15:00 GMT (10:00 Eastern)
Access to the main Titusonenine site continues to be very difficult. Comments are still broken.

We're posting news first here and then over on the main site when we can get in. Comments are working fine here. Surprised there's not more commenting on this site. If there are some problems with leaving comments that we're not aware of, let us know. Our address:

NOTE: the order of posts here and on the main Titusonenine site may differ slightly. We're trying to make sure everything is posted on both sites.


Anonymous John Simmons said...

Hi elves! Just to see whether the comment facility here is working. What do you think?

And thanks for all your efforts to keep us up to date. The silence from Tanzania is frustrating, but it is teaching us all patience and, I hope, persistence in prayer.

God bless you all in elfdom.

Manchester, UK

10:34 AM  
Blogger APBIDDLE said...


I am reminded of that old prayer which goes, "Lord grant me patience, but I need it RIGHT NOW!" All this shows how spoiled we have become by instant news and live coverage. Except for a Vatican Conclave, this is one of the very few meetings which seems to be holding the security together. Drat!

And yes, bless the elves, whose service to the faithful can't be overstated.


11:00 AM  

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