Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blogs synchronized and links to a few key posts from yesterday

We’ve done our best to copy all of yesterday’s posts from the Titusonenine backup blog and their comments over here to the main site.

For those who may have been away from the blog yesterday due to the US holiday (or any other reason) here is a brief index of some key posts:

The Tanzania Primates Meeting Communique (See also the extensive comments at Stand Firm, where it was posted first)

Kendall Harmon: Early Reaction to the Communique (additional comments at Stand Firm)

Roundup: Commentary on the Communique

Draft of the Proposed Anglican Covenant and REPORT OF COVENANT DESIGN GROUP
(and extensive comments at Stand Firm) (A round up of early commentary on the Covenant draft is here)

BREAKING: From Ruth Gledhill: Schori elected to Primates Standing Committee
(see also comments at Stand Firm)

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Sermon in the cathedral in Zanzibar [Sunday]


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